A series of festivals that run from June through September, World Route 2008 explores contemporary culture, bringing together an innovative and eclectic multidisciplinary exploration of BORDERS.

Celebrate The Banff Centre’s 75th anniversary with a festival of dance, theatre, music and film inspired by this world-renowned arts centre and its spectacular mountain setting. Featuring alumnae of The Banff Centre from across Canada.

Harbourfront Centre celebrates the nation’s foremost rite of passage with the biggest birthday party of the year.

Chartering through the culturally and geographically diverse landscape of our provinces and territories, Harbourfront Centre celebrates all things that sound, feel, look, and taste like Canada!

Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Beats, Breaks & Culture! BBC has evolved into one of the country’s most influential electronic music festivals and a perennial favourite in the World Routes line-up.

The festival continues to pursue, dissect, celebrate and showcase some of the best national and international electronic music and culture. 

From contemporary dancers to cutting-edge musicians, from passionate discussions about films/visual arts, to sensual stories about food, Ritmo y Color pushes and breaks the boundaries of Latin America.

With its basis on affirming borders in ancient times, Tirgan offers a challenging and thought-provoking opportunity to take a new look at borders in time, space, taste, and artistic disciplines and their place and relevance to art and culture at present time.

New for this year! A festival that explores ideas of “classical” music from a broad range of cultural perspectives, including musical forms from South Asian, Chinese, African and others

Crisscross a series of Caribbean cultural borders – shaped by African, Indian and European influences – across artistic disciplines.

South Asia Calling examines how South Asia has blended borders through the arts and culture, uncovering the similarities and uniqueness of the different countries that make up this incredibly diverse region. Encompassing India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Tibet.

Hot, sour, sweet and salty! The Hot & Spicy Food Festival serves up diverse hot food and flavors from around the globe, and occasionally pairs a spicy dish with a complementary sampling of the hot sounds of the region. One of our most popular festivals.

A festival that promises to reveal how little we know about the world's influences on Taiwan. With fusion concerts such as Eastern Legends and Music without Borders, the festival showcases how old traditions have taken on new dimensions.

Now one of the largest and most prestigious events of its kind anywhere in the world, Ashkenaz 2008 will once again feature the best and brightest of the global Yiddish/Jewish culture scene